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Orange Flower Water Toner for skincare by Y.Wait Beauty.

About Us

More Than a Nail Bar

Our Nail Bar...

We are more than a nail bar, and we provide much more than tangible services. Along with countless jokes and endless smiles (which are free by the way) we offer manicures, pedicures, reflexology, massages, waxing, gel recovery, facials, eyelash perm, eyebrow tinting and many more services.

Our beauticians have years of experience dealing with many different women with different skin, hair and body types. Our staff will take care of you and are sensitive to your needs and your personal space. Customer service is paramount and the beauticians at Y.WAIT believe that.

Our Products...

In addition to our outstanding beauty services, at Y.Wait we have our very own natural product range originally formulated in 2015. Our wide range of products are created on our premises out of natural ingredients for all skin types. 

Y.Wait Beauty natural skincare products for all skin types.
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