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Hormonal Acne — What It Is And How To Treat It.

  • Before your period, your body starts to increase the hormone androgen, this means higher testosterone levels which, in turn, triggers more sebum production.

  • The sebum clogs one or several hair follicles. These clogged hair follicles are called "comedones". Bacteria becomes trapped inside the comedone which causes an infection, resulting in a painful, irritated spot.

  • In response to the bacterial infection, your immune system causes the clogged hair follicle to become red, swollen and uncomfortable.

We think it’s important to normalise acne, as it is the most common inflammatory skin condition. Whilst beauty is so much more than skin-deep, access to products and care to clear acne can mitigate the stress, anxiety and lowered self-confidence the condition can create.

We recommend the following daily evening routine:

  • First step, always wash your hands.

  • Gently cleanse skin with our Honey Facial Cleanser.

  • Follow with our Witch Hazel Toner (if skin has active acne) or Rosewater Toner (if skin is healing).

  • Finish by adding 1-2 drops of our Argan Oil Facial Serum (argan oil is healing and does not clog pores!) to our 'Abba' Multi-Purpose Moisturiser before applying to the skin in upward and outward motions — try not to drag the skin or rub too hard.

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