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Nail Inspiration for a Spring Manicure

It's always a good time to get a fresh manicure, but with the sunny weather, trees turning green and flowers blooming everywhere, we are especially inspired to get our nails done!

Gel manicures and pedicures for natural nails are one of the most popular treatments at the Y.Wait salon. If you're planning a visit, let us inspire you with some of the most perfect nail colours and designs this season!

1) Classic French Tips

French manicures give natural nails a fresh and polished look that's perfect for spring.

2) Peony Pink

This pretty shade of pink is fun and flirty, and suits every skin tone.

3) Matte Lilac

We love matte nails and this pinky-purple colour is so soft yet eye-catching!

4) Sage Green Yin Yang

If you love green nail varnish, try this simple yin yang design in trendy sage.

5) Bluebell Blue

This bluey-purple colour reminds us of all the beautiful bluebells that are in-bloom right now.

6) Pastel Lime Swirls

You might have seen designs like this all over Instagram! It looks even lovelier in this pastel lime shade.

7) Spring Multi-Colour

Can't make your mind up on a colour? Wear them all! These pale floral colours remind us of Easter.

8) Rainbow French Mani

Spice up a French manicure with spring rainbow hues! We love this seasonal twist on a classic design.

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Treat yourself to a springtime manicure or pedicure with us! We use our own natural products alongside your choice of gel polish. To book, use our booking system here, contact us on 0208 520 7083 or email 💛


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