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Sensitive Skin Face Pack Contains:


  • 41ml Honey Facial Cleanser

Ingredients - Honey-Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Lavender Essential Oil

  • 41ml Facial Scrub

Ingredients:- Dead Sea Salt - Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Lavender Essential Oil41ml

  • Moroccan Black Soap

Ingredients:- Potash -Extra Virgin Olive Oil-Eucalyptus

  • Rose Water Toner

Ingredients :-Rose Water

  • 41ml Multi-Purpose Moisturiser PATTY 

Ingredients: She Butter, Extra Virgin Olice Oil, Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oil

  • Facial Serum

Ingredients :- A blend of oils- Vitamin E & C- Lavender and Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Facial Cleansing Cloth

Extra Small Pack Contains:

  • 41ml Honey Facial Cleanser

  • 41ml Facial Scrub

  • 41ml Moroccan Black Soap

  • 50ml Rose Water Toner

  • 41ml Multi-Purpose Moisturiser Patty 

  • 10ml Facial Serum

  • Facial Cleansing Cloth


Small Pack Contains: 

  • 100ml Rose Water Toner
  • 55ml Honey Facial Cleanser
  • 55ml Facial Scrub
  • 55ml Moroccan Black Soap
  • 10ml Facial Serum
  • 55ml Patty Multi-Purpose Moisturiser


Medium Pack Contains: 

  • 100ml Rose Water Toner
  • 100ml Honey Cleanser
  • 100ml Facial Scrub
  • 100ml Moroccan Black Soap
  • 15ml Facial Serum
  • 100ml Patty Multi-Purpose Moisturiser


Large Pack Contains:

  • 100ml Rose Water Toner
  • 100ml Honey Facial Cleanser
  • 100ml Facial Scrub
  • 100ml Moroccan Black Soap
  • 30ml Facial Serum
  • 280ml Patty Multi-Purpose Moisturiser

Sensitive Skin Type Facial Pack

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