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Autumn Skincare Routine For Your Face & Body

Autumn means cosy knitwear, tasty hot drinks and snug nights in watching spooky films surrounded by pumpkin-scented candles. Well, that's the dream anyway! As the temperature drops and the days seem to get shorter, it's a great time to review your skincare routine to handle the environmental changes that this new season brings.

Your skin has a different set of needs during autumn and winter. The air is less humid which can affect the skin's natural oil levels. To add to this, the central heating in our homes can leave our skin dry and in need of a little extra TLC. So, how can we switch up our beauty routines to ensure our skin is still looking and feeling its best?


During summer, you might have been using a lighter cleanser such as a foaming or gel cleanser. Now's the time to choose something that is much more moisturising. For your face, we recommend our natural Honey Facial Cleanser, which deeply nourishes your skin with honey and olive oil. And for your body, opt for the Shampoo & Body Wash! It has a milkier consistency that is excellent for moisturising, and is hand made with a blend of all-natural oils that leave your skin feeling fresh and soft.


The key to soft and glowing skin during autumn is exfoliating! This is especially important for those of you with dry skin types. Using a gentle scrub once or twice per week is effective enough to keep your skin in top condition. For your face, try our Facial Scrub with dead sea salt and olive oil. Gently massage the scrub into your skin in circular motions, avoiding the delicate eye area. And for your body, we recommend our natural Body Scrubs, which contain brown sugar to remove dead skin cells and impurities, perfectly preparing your skin for the next step; moisturiser!


Using a sumptuous moisturiser this season is the way to go. Our natural shea butter Multi-Purpose Moisturisers are amazing for both face and body. Massage into your skin in circular motions for best results, focusing on any areas that are particularly dry. You can use a little more product than usual if you like an intensive effect. Massaging will also help to increase circulation, boosting that autumn glow even more! You can also use our moisturisers as a lip balm to soothe and protect dry, cracked lips.

A few bonus tips! Remember that even during autumn and winter, your skin still needs protection from the sun's UV rays, so apply that SPF during the day. It's also important to drink plenty of water to maintain your skin's moisture levels from the inside out. And finally, if you find that your hair is also affected by the dry, cold air this season, don't forget that you can also use many of our skincare products on your locks — including our Multi-Purpose Moisturisers, Masks and Serums!

Enjoy the new season, everyone! 🍂💛

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