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How To Become Confident In Your Skin

Everyone's skin is unique. We each have different skin tones, textures and types, and this uniqueness is what makes our skin beautiful. But in our day-to-day life, we can be inundated with images of people with seemingly perfect, flawless skin. These images are everywhere; on social media, on TV, in magazines and more. So we know that being confident in your skin can be difficult.

To be confident in your skin means that you feel empowered and beautiful, not because your skin is perfect, but because it is uniquely your own. Building skin confidence takes time and a lot of self love. The most important thing to realise is that, no matter what your idea of "good skin" is, your skin is always beautiful.

Today, we want to tell you about some of the best ways to boost your confidence when it comes to your skin, including mindful beauty routines, positive self talk and affirmations!

Mindful Beauty Routines

Mindful skincare and beauty routines are a way to help you get to know your skin and develop a daily self-care practise. It involves choosing sustainable products that are kind to both your skin and the earth, and taking your time to apply these products, focusing on what you're doing in a mindful way. The process can be very relaxing, and setting aside time for yourself in this way boosts your sense of self-worth.

The natural products you use as part of your mindful beauty routine are important too, because natural ingredients really work! Our ancestors have been using them on their skin for centuries! By giving each new product enough time to work on your skin, you will learn which products are well suited to your skin and which are not. Over time, committing to a mindful, natural skincare routine will give you results that cannot be beat, uplifting you in the process.

Positive Self Talk

If you find that you often doubt yourself or speak to yourself in a negative way, particularly when it comes to your skin or taking care of your skin, practising positive self-talk is a great way to help you see your natural beauty.

Imagine that a close friend or loved one has come to you and said that they don't feel good about themselves, or that they are having trouble keeping up a good habit. What would you say to them? The chances are, you would give them kind words of encouragement, or remind them how far they've come or how beautiful they are inside and out. This is the ideal way to speak to yourself when you're feeling a little down and unconfident.

Try writing down a few statements that you would tell yourself in this situation, and make a commitment to yourself to take a look at them when you need a boost. You deserve to show yourself the compassion that you show to others!


Many of you will have heard of affirmations and may even be using them already! Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself to gradually shift any negative energy or beliefs. You can build your confidence and recognise your true beauty when you implement affirmations into your daily life.

Affirmations are highly personal to you, but to become confident in your skin, you might choose phrases such as, "I am beautiful as I am", "I love and fully accept myself", "I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin every day", "My beauty is unique", "I take great care of my skin", or "I trust the process".

You can also try looking in the mirror and noticing three features that make you feel good about your beauty. Do you like your freckles, dimples or laugh lines? Maybe it's the shape of your eyes or your cupid's bow? You can transform these into affirmations too, by saying "I love my... (insert feature here)" and reminding yourself of your uniqueness.

Feel free to share with us how you increase your skin confidence in the comments below. We would love to know more ways that work for you, and you never know who else you might help by sharing your tips 😊💛

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