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Simple Natural Skincare Routine for Men

At Y.Wait we believe that taking care of your skin is one of the best ways to practise self-care— and this goes for men too! When it comes to men's skincare, we think that routines should be kept simple and products should be all-natural for optimum results.

Keep reading to discover an easy, 3-step skincare routine for men that will leave you feeling fresh and confident!

1) Cleanse

Start with a good cleanser to remove dirt and excess oil from the skin. We recommend our Moroccan Black Soap because it contains effective all-natural ingredients such as olive and eucalyptus, that leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and refreshed.

Black soap also makes for a good exfoliator. While cleansing, take about one minute to gently massage the product into your face before rinsing off — this will help remove impurities and dead skin cells to reveal brighter, softer skin!

2) Tone

Toning is important because it helps to refine the skin's texture. It is used after cleansing to remove any product residue and purify your pores. To keep it simple, we recommend our Witch Hazel Toner Pads that come pre-soaked for convenience, and help to improve the tone and texture of your skin whilst fighting breakouts. Just swipe a pad over your face in gentle upward motions, and allow the product to sink in. No need to rinse.

Because it is naturally anti-inflammatory, witch hazel can also help to heal shaving cuts or other minor cuts and irritations without over-drying or aggravating wounds.

3) Moisturise

The last step is to moisturise! A good moisturiser will hydrate your skin and help balance the natural oils it produces. We love our TJ Multi-Purpose Moisturiser because of its ability to soften and nourish the skin, and of course its uplifting and invigorating scent!

It contains a blend of oils (shea butter, grapefruit and peppermint - to name a few) that work to lock in moisture while providing a whole host of other benefits, such as improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, preventing acne, calming redness and relieving irritation. Work a small amount of this moisturiser between your palms and gently massage or press it into the skin and allow a few minutes for it to be absorbed. Follow with a sun lotion for that essential UV protection!

These three products would make an excellent Father's Day gift for the man who is interested in self-care and eco-friendly living. They also work well on teen skin — and in fact, this is an ideal skincare routine for young men who would like to clear up acne and regain confidence.

Head to our online shop for more natural skincare products, or visit us at our store in the Georgian Village, Walthamstow! 💛

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