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Green Beauty: Our Store's New Refill Station

If you haven’t already heard, our London-based skincare shop and beauty salon now has its very own Refill Station!

At Y.Wait we’re big on green beauty and keeping our small business as eco friendly as possible. We’re always coming up with new ways to improve our sustainability, and the introduction of the Refill Station has been in the works for a while. Having a Refill Station means that our customers are reusing and recycling their empty jars; helping the environment whilst treating their skin to some beautiful natural skincare products.

We've had many customers already make use of this service. Simply bring any clean, empty jars (they don’t have to be Y.Wait Beauty jars) to the salon, and top up your favourite products at the station. We sometimes offer discounts on the beauty products you get from the Refill Station, so it’s worth checking in every so often!

We have plenty of our Y.Wait natural products available, from our popular face/body scrubs to our shea butter moisturisers, cleansers and more.

If you’re local to our London shop, remember to stop by with those empty jars, and please do spread the word about the Refill Station to help more people become part of the green beauty movement! 💛

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