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Simple Nighttime Skincare Routine: Get Unready With Us!

It's the new year, and we've noticed plenty of our customers talk about their new years' resolutions... we love to see it! It is this kind of positive thinking that we at Y.Wait hope to bring into our year as well, and we're starting with new, healthy habits and routines.

One of our customers asked which products we would recommend for creating a skincare routine for the evening. If there's one thing we love at Y.Wait, it's keeping things simple. So today, we want to let you in on our current nighttime skincare routine that consists of only 4 steps (plus a bonus step if you feel like it!) and each handcrafted skincare product mentioned contains only natural ingredients. This is an easy, excellent way to create a healthy and mindful habit for 2022!

Step 1: Remove makeup & cleanse

So, first we need to remove makeup, and cleanse dirt and oils from our face. An oil-based cleanser is perfect for lifting impurities and deep cleaning pores.

For this step, we always reach for our Honey Cleanser, which contains anti-bacterial honey, softening olive oil, and calming lavender oil - just what you need before bedtime. We like to massage it into our skin for at least 60 seconds, which will not only remove any makeup and dirt but will improve circulation to give you a youthful glow.

Then, we gently rinse everything off using a damp microfibre cloth, removing any product residue.

Step 2: Apply a mask

This step is a once-or-twice-a-week thing. Using our Oatmeal Mask before bed leaves us with super soft skin in the morning, and any dry patches are all but gone! It's very gentle on the skin which is ideal for a relaxing evening routine.

In a bowl, we combine two tablespoons of the mask with a little water at a time until we get a paste consistency. We apply it to our face and leave on for 10-15 minutes - this is a great time to fill up that hot water bottle ready for bed. 😉

Then, we just rinse it off gently with warm water and a microfibre cloth.

Step 3: Tone

Toner will help to soothe skin after cleansing, and refine your skin's texture as you sleep. We always use the Rose Water Toner or Toner Pads in our evening skincare routine as they have a beautiful, light rose scent which we find especially lovely as we drift off.

We simply swipe a toner-soaked pad over our face, avoiding the delicate skin around our eyes, and let it sink in for about 60 seconds before moving on to our next step.

Tip: keep your toner in the fridge for an added cooling effect. It feels wonderful!

Step 4: Moisturise

Time for our fave moisturiser to make its appearance! The final step for our face routine is to moisturise. A little goes a long way with our Multi-Purpose Moisturiser, so we just warm a little bit up in our palms before massaging or pressing this magical combination of shea butter and oils into our skin.

The 'Patty' Moisturiser (also in Whipped texture) is our recommendation for your nighttime skin routine. It contains rose oil (which will complement our Rose Water Toner) and lavender oil. Lavender is a beautiful oil used in aromatherapy and is widely known to have calming and relaxing properties. It is ideal to help you drift off into a restful sleep.

Bonus! Step 5: Apply cuticle oil

This is a little bonus step we love to take every evening. It is quick and you get amazing results by the next morning! We use a couple of drops of our Cuticle Oil, gently rubbed into our cuticles and nails for beautifully moisturised nail beds come breakfast.

And that finishes up our all-natural nighttime skincare routine nicely! Let us know if you try this in the comments below! We would love to know how it goes. 💛

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