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The Benefits of Raw Sugar Cane Body Scrubs

Sugar scrubs are popular for being a luxurious and natural way to exfoliate your body. With the warmer spring weather approaching, you'll want to throw on that t-shirt or skirt with confidence that your skin is fresh, smooth and supple. The raw sugar we use in our Body Scrubs is our favourite natural exfoliator that, combined with other effective natural ingredients, gives you a healthy glow and makes you feel like a goddess.

What is raw sugar?

Raw sugar is sugar that has been extracted from the sugar cane plant and has not been refined. Raw or unprocessed sugar crystals are larger, and have a slight golden brown colour due to the very thin layer of molasses that is left behind during extraction.

Refined sugar has a finer texture and is white in colour. Some people think that refined sugar has been bleached or had chemicals added to it, but this is not the case. It has just been further washed and filtered during the production process to purify it.

What are the benefits?

Raw sugar is an excellent body exfoliator for a number of reasons! Aside from being a natural product that is far less harmful on our environment than the microplastics found in other body scrubs, sugar has these benefits for your skin:

  • It provides gentle but effective exfoliation, removing the top layer of skin cells as well as impurities, dirt and excess oils.

  • It removes buildup of dead skin cells to reveal brighter, more radiant skin.

  • It is a natural humectant and antioxidant that helps your skin feel healed and hydrated.

  • It stimulates and increases blood circulation for a super healthy glow.

  • It smooths and softens the skin and creates a perfect canvas for moisturiser or lotion.

How do I use it?

It's easy! Just gently massage your Body Scrub into wet skin in circular motions — self-massage has the added benefits of improving circulation, toning skin, and reducing stress and anxiety. Take a moment to appreciate the beautiful scent for some quick aromatherapy! The rinse off the scrub well with warm water.

We suggest exfoliating your body once or twice a week as part of your bath or shower routine, and following with your favourite moisturiser to really get the best results.

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