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Why We Created Our Own Natural Beauty Line

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You may have wondered why we at Y.Wait decided to create our own range of beautiful, all-natural skincare. It all started in 2015 when we began formulating our own products in-house at the Y.Wait salon in Walthamstow, with only natural ingredients, in order to offer our customers beauty treatments with a difference.

We always believed that natural ingredients provide the best results when it comes to skincare. The scents, textures and benefits are IT for us! When we started to use our own cleansers, scrubs, masks and moisturisers on our customers, they began seeing such amazing transformations in their skin that many of them would ask if the products were available to purchase!

The Y.Wait team launching Y.Wait Beauty products

As a small business run by a small team of family and friends, we were overjoyed with the support we received once we decided to launch Y.Wait Beauty. It meant so much to us that our natural beauty and skincare products were giving our customers real results, and making them feel beautiful and confident.

The key to this was our decision to make Y.Wait skincare as simple as possible, using highly beneficial ingredients found in nature, such as olive oil, shea butter, honey, essential oils and natural clays. After all, natural ingredients are better for us and our world. We designed our formulas to nourish and treat all skin types, and we focused on sustainable methods of manufacture, which is why every product is made by hand by our beauticians at the salon. We put care and love into every jar and bottle of Y.Wait Beauty products, and are always researching ways to make our business the most sustainable it can be.

During the pandemic in 2020, when we had to close the salon, we decided to expand the Y.Wait Beauty range and make it available to buy in our online shop. This was the best way to provide our customers with the Y.Wait experience whilst we couldn't leave our homes. And our customers' love for our products kept our small business thriving! Even now, the positive feedback and excitement about the results they see with Y.Wait Beauty in their skincare routines is what keeps us going. We are immensely grateful for the support during these uncertain times.

A person in a face mask holding a jar of moisturiser from Y.Wait Beauty in front of the Y.Wait Beauty salon in Walthamstow

We plan to add more natural skincare goodies to our line in future, in the meantime, we'll be posting more articles like this on our blog to give you the chance to get to know our products and our story as an independent beauty business. So stay tuned 💛

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2 commenti

I've suffered with problem skin mainly hormonal acne since my teens. I've tried nearly every treatment known to man! For the past 5+ years, I've been using Y wait skincare products...hardly a blemish!! The best products I've ever used. Thanks for rescuing my face!!

Debbie Phillips

Mi piace

I have been using your cleanser, patty moisteriser and also Rose water and honestly my skin is so clean and fresh. Thanks so much my skin is very sensitive and all your products seem to work well.

Mi piace
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