Why We Love Moroccan Black Soap & How To Use It

We love Moroccan Black Soap at Y.Wait, and have been using it in beauty treatments at our salon for years! It is an amazing ancient remedy for the skin. Not to be confused with African black soap, it is a natural substance that is derived from a mixture of crushed black olives. At Y.Wait, we add potash, olive oil and eucalyptus to our Moroccan Black Soap formula for the best results and a naturally fresh feeling!

The benefits

Moroccan black soap has numerous moisturizing, exfoliating, and soothing properties. It is used to deeply clean pores and soften the face and body, allowing dead skin and impurities to be easily lifted. It works as a wonderful remedy against the damaging effects of pollution on the skin, and leaves it exceptionally radiant, smooth and ready to better absorb your moisturiser.

Here are a few more great benefits of using Moroccan black soap: