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5 Ways To Support A Small Beauty Business

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Small businesses bring variety and originality to every community! There's something special about knowing that someone is following their dreams, creating and running their business to uplift others. When people support small businesses, it helps real people, not boards or stockholders. We think that when it comes to independent beauty businesses, you get a different kind of care and quality in the products because a small business owner's work is a reflection of themselves.

It's a great feeling when we support our fellow small business owners however we can. Whether it is our friend's or neighbour's local bricks-and-mortar business, or a business we've found online — we love to share the love.

Here are a few ways you can support our small business, Y.Wait Beauty, and most of these are absolutely free!

Engage with us on social media

Most small businesses have social media accounts— us included! This is how we keep you up to date with our latest news, and bring you beauty tips, tutorials and behind the scenes looks. By liking, sharing, saving and leaving comments on our posts, you support Y.Wait by getting our beauty brand in front of more eyes on social media. It's also helpful to tag us in your pictures and videos that feature our products! We love to share them on our pages.

Tell your friends and family

Talking about Y.Wait to friends and family supports us by helping us to gain new customers. Recommending our products and services will spread the word and allow more people to hear about our business.

A store customer crouches with arms in the air showing off the shelves of Y.Wait Beauty products in the background.

Leave a positive review

Reviews are very helpful as it shows that our brand is a trusted place to buy from. It gives people a chance to read how our beauty products and services have made a difference to our customers, and helps them make the decision to purchase from us. Your feedback also supports us by reminding us why we are doing what we're doing, it uplifts us and encourages us to continue improving our brand! The team at Y.Wait is very small, and your positive messages often make our day.

You can leave reviews on our website, social media, or simply drop us an email with your thoughts that we can share across our platforms.

Join the mailing list

We keep you up to date with our business news, latest products, special deals and discounts in our email newsletters. Signing up to our newsletter from our website homepage helps us grow our mailing list and reach more people.

Shop with us

Buying from a small beauty business like ours is the best way to support us! Purchasing our health, beauty and skincare products is what keeps our business going, supports our team and allows us to turn amazing ideas into new creations for our customers.

There are three ways to shop at Y.Wait Beauty:

  1. Shop on our website, where you can place orders as you need them and have them shipped to you, or set up a subscription of your favourite items and have them delivered to your door automatically every month.

  2. Order online and collect from our salon — no need to pay for delivery!

  3. Visit our salon at 100 Wood Street, Walthamstow, where you can shop in-store during our opening hours.

A customer and Y.Wait salon manager pose and smile outside the Y.Wait Beauty salon.

So there you have it! These are 5 ways to support a local independent beauty business. Share this article with your friends to let them know just how simple it can be to show love to their favourite small business 💛

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